Valentine Cards

What To Say In Your Valentine Cards (For Every Situation)

As the big day of romance is approaching, we need to make strides to buy the perfect gift for your loved one. He/she may be the reason for the teary nights, but if you still love them, Valentine’s Day is special. You can also take this opportunity to make them feel the same searing emotion you did in the last few weeks. February comes with this opportunity for you to make a perfect excuse to share your feelings. Breaking the stereotypes is the only way to plunge into your loved one’s heart. It is not every day that you get to add a romantic touch to your conversations and gifts.


This is the perfect season for you to tap onto your creative side. Embrace these abilities to make a difference in your relationship. The key to making it stronger is creating something personalized and expressing your love through the words. The diction used on gifts will lay the foundation for a beautiful relationship; make sure to use the most sublime set of words to pour your heart out. Let us look at the various things you can say in your Valentine cards.

Relationships Going Strong for a Long Time

If you are long-term lovebirds and know each other well, adding more overly romantic sentences might ruin the whole emotion of it. Try keeping it cute in order to evoke thoughts and memories of your best days. Here are some suggestions:

  • “Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life. Keep surprising me.”
  • “The key to my locked heart is you, and I only wish it stands the test of time to cling harder on to each other”
  • “I am the home that is empty without you.”
  • “We will find the pieces to the best adhesive that keeps us glued to each other forever.”
  • “Thank you for showing the better side of me by supporting me. I Love You.”

Brand New Relationships

We know how exciting it is to celebrate the first Valentine’s Day together. Bring all you have stored up in your heart to share with your partner. There are a lot of messages you can add besides the typical three words. Here are a few suggestions:

  • “You caught my heart, and it takes a special person to do so.”
  • “The only thing I wish to hold onto forever is your hand.”
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day to the creator of every glint in my eye and the smile on my face.”

Valentine’s Day

Those Who Want to Be More than Friends

Being in the friend zone is the last thing you want when you really love someone. This not-so-desirable position can only be upgraded when your feelings for him/her is true. Here are a few suggestions on how to express it in the Valentine card:

  • “I have always wanted nothing more than you and us.”
  • “Happiness is watching me smile in your beautiful eyes.”
  • “My mind wants you there; please stay.”

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