2013 Loveland Valentines

2013 Loveland Valentines are available for purchase NOW!
Purchase the Official Valentine card of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce – 2013; edition here…

2013 Loveland Valentine Card – The Winning Design and Official 2013 Valentine Card of Loveland, Colorado
Buy your 2013 Loveland Valentine now – they are going fast, and the 2013 Valentine Mailing Deadline is approaching!!

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Cost S+H
Card 1 S+H
Cards 2-8
United States $2.50 $6.00 $5.50
Canada $2.50 $6.75 $6.50
Europe $2.50 $7.25 $6.95
Rest of World $2.50 $9.50 $8.75
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Please Note: after payment you need to complete a quick form which you will be brought to AFTER PAYMENT – click the link to ‘RETURN TO WEB YOUR BUSINESS’ and you will see the form to complete – if you do not complete this form, your card may be delayed.


Please note – we can send cards UP TO & INCLUDING
14th February – obviously there is no guarantee they will
get to your recipient in time for Valentines’s day.
Deadline Notes:

US Delivered Deadline when purchased from us is Feb. 9th – ORDER OK
US Delivered INSIDE COLORADO deadline is Feb. 12th – ORDER OK
Canadian Mailing Deadline is ALSO February 8th – NO ON TIME GUARANTEE
Europe & Rest of World Deadline: February 2nd – NO ON TIME GUARANTEE

2013 Loveland Valentine Card – Verse Inside Card

When you purchase a valentine to be sent from Loveland from our website, we will:

write/print your special message inside (optional)
address an official 2013 Loveland Valentine Card to your intended recipient (using the Delivery Address you specify in your order)
put appropriate postage onto the card – usually using the available valentine/love themed US postage stamps
place your special valentine into the Official Loveland Valentine Remailing program
This is the quickest way to get your Valentine through the Official Loveland Remailing program – we do it all for you!!
Your Official 2013 Loveland Valentine Card will get the official stamp or cachet of the 2013 Loveland Valentine Remailing program, just as if you had sent your own card FROM LOVELAND. To our knowledge, this is the ONLY way for non-Loveland residents to acquire the Offical 2013 Loveland Valentine’s Card, as all other outlets selling these cards are LOCAL RETAILERS, ie, you have to come here to Loveland, Colorado to get the card!
When you purchase a valentine to be sent directly to you from us, we will:

Send you an Official Loveland Valentine, including envelope
Include a US ‘Forever’ stamp with a love/valentine theme (if your address is in the USA)
Include a small number of valentine/love related ‘additions’ – stickers you can use to adorn your card with
Include a stamped, addressed envelope to send your cards back to the Valentine remailing program
Note: The envelopes are not canceled with the Loveland cancellation until you send them BACK to Loveland.
You will then need to complete you card and send it to your loved one(s) – and if you wish to avail yourself of the Loveland Valentine Remailing program, you will need to send the card back to Loveland yourself. We recommend using the ‘Send to my loved ones’ option unless you wish to keep the card as a keepsake – or – if you wish to include a racy or ‘adult’ message.
This year, the Official Valentine card of Loveland Chamber of Commerce is sponsored by the McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colo.