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About With Love From Loveland, Colorado!

History of the Loveland Valentine's Card Remailing Program

Way back in 1946 (well before the Internet, but slightly after the Pony Express) an idea came to Postmaster Elmer Ivers, Chamber of Commerce President Ted W. Thompson and his wife Mabel.  They had a vision - a vision to share the romantic name of our town of Loveland with the whole world.

So it came to pass, in the February of 1947 the Loveland Valentine Remailing Program was born.  Since 1947, literally millions of valentines have touched the heart strings of loved ones with Cupid's message hand stamped and remailed from Loveland, Colorado.

Since 1962 a high school senior girl has been chosen to represent the program and the city as "Miss Loveland Valentine".  Personal appearances representing the City of Loveland take this ambassador around the state of Colorado.  An appearance at the Colorado State Legislature and a personal visit with the Governor are just two of the highlights in her busy schedule.

In 1964, a specially designed Valentine card was produced to offset some of the expenses of this costly program, and the Official Loveland Valentine's Card continue to touch the hearts of people around throughout the world.  Loveland has released the Official 2014 Loveland Valentine's Card, which can be purchased here online, or through any of the participating Chamber merchants, the Loveland Visitor Center, Walmart, local King-Soopers Supermarkets, and the US Post Office.

Loveland's own "Valentine Sweethearts" Ted and Mabel Thompson have now passed away.  The Loveland community feels their absence.  To commemorate their vision and love of Loveland, their memory lives on through the annual Valentine Re-Mailing program. A bronze relief of the Thompsons is featured in Thompson Park on 4th Street in Loveland.

In 2013, Loveland Valentine volunteers stamped and remailed more than 160,000 valentines - each valentine is removed from it's outer envelope, checked for postage, stamped with the Loveland Cachet and placed into hands of the Loveland US Postal Service - spreading love and joy from our Sweetheart City to yours...

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